Ships in the Night – Deathless

“Deathless” by Ships in the Night marks my music video directorial debut. It’s the lead single off of her new album, Myriologues. We filmed this video over two nights in the winter with the production assistance of Ivan Christo Christopher. Hair and makeup were provided by Fielding Pierce Biggs of Moxie Hair Lounge. This video wouldn’t have been made possible by Nicole & Jeremi Rimel. They provided the set, encouragement, and wonderful hospitality.

I’ve been using Fujifilm cameras since I started photography on their X-E2, so I was elated when I read that their X-T2 would offer 4K video. In terms of lenses, I primarily used the Fujifilm XF18-55. It’s not my favorite lens they released, but I knew the optical stabilization would be great for handheld shots. The XF23 and XF35 were used for the tripod shots. I was tempted to shoot the whole thing using the built-in Astia profile but wanted to have better control when making the black and white grade in Final Cut, so I ended up using a custom profile that was very flat. Since using the X-T2 to film this video this video Fujifilm has released a firmware update that adds much more depth to its video controls. I’m looking forward to testing it out during my next video shoot!

Myriologues is available via Bandcamp.